Conference Schedule 2017
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Saturday Opening Activities
7:30 am - 9:00 am
Registration ~ Vendor booths open. Coffee, tea and snacks available for purchase from local vendors.
9:00 am at Opening Circle in the Great Hall
Opening Remarks - Plant Allies ~ Charis Lindrooth
9:30 am: Morning Keynote Address
Susan’s Traveling Plant Allies ~ Susan Leopold i
10:30 am: Break
Vendor booths open
10:45 am: Saturday Morning Classes Begin
Great Hall: Healthy Bones for a Lifetime; preventing/treating Osteoporosis and Osteoarthritis ~ Kate Gilday i
Elderflower Tent: Personal Sanctuary: The Art of Carving out an Intentional Space in which to Thrive ~ Lisa Kahn-Allen i
Rose Tent: The Art and Practice of Vaginal Steaming ~ Liz Henke i
Lavender Tent: Herbs for Empowerment ~ Asia Suler i
Red Clover Tent: It's All about Connection ~ Kerry Smith i
12:15 - 1:45 pm: Lunch Break
Vendor booths open i
Fire Pit: Natural Dye Demo ~ Kira Frech
1:45 pm: Saturday Afternoon Classes Begin
Great Hall: The Importance of Natural Skin Care ~ Donna Bryant Winston i
Elderflower Tent: Keeping Your Brain Brilliant ~ Charis Lindrooth, DC i
Rose Tent: Holographic Herbalism ~ Suzanna Stone i
Lavender Tent: Pine Needle Basketmaking ~ Kate Gilday i
Red Clover Tent: Energy Hygiene 101 ~ Jenn Frey i
3:15 pm: Break
Vendor booths open
3:30 pm: Saturday Mid-Afternoon Sessions Begin
Great Hall: Creating a Botanical Sanctuary ~ Susan Leopold i
Elderflower Tent: Aphrodite's Apothecary: An intimate look at the aphrodisiac powers of plants and how to use them ~ Liz Henke i
Rose Tent: Get Fired Up with Fire Cider ~ Mary Blue i
Lavender Tent: Creating a Low Cost Natural Dispensary ~ Donna Bryant Winston i
Red Clover Tent: Intuitive Plant Medicine ~ Asia Suler i
5:00 pm: Break
Vendor booths open
5:30 pm: Evening Keynote
Plant Allies and Back Yard Friends that Touch the Soul
Join Rosemary Gladstar for an evening of story telling, poetry, and song as she introduces us to her favorite plant allies and backyard weeds. Be prepared to join in and 'witness' for the plants.
Saturday Evening Activities
6:30 pm
Raffle Drawing and Talent Show ~ Moms of Kids' Campers: pick up kids to join us i
6:45 pm
Celebratory Dinner ~ Pre-purchase meal tickets! All vendors open for shopping! i
7:30 pm
Wild Women's Fire Circle ~ Suzanna Stone i
Sunday Morning Classes
8:00 am
Secrets of the Garden ~ Plant meditation with Jen Frey i
9:00-11:30 am in the Great Hall
Sharing the Secrets of Soap Making ~ Donna Bryan Winston i
9:00-11:30 am in the Elderflower Tent
The Erotic Beginnings of Herbalism and How the Plants that Started it all are Now "At Risk" ~ Susan Leopold i
9:00-11:30 am in the Elderflower Tent
The Art of Fermentation ~ Suzanna Stone i
11:30 am-12:30 pm: Sunday Brunch
... and Shopping!
12:30 am-2:00 pm: Sunday Afternoon Keynote
Great Hall: Back Yard Weeds & Kitchen Medicine with Rosemary Gladstar i
2:15 am-2:30 pm: Closing Circle
Outside, weather permitting. All join hands to honor our friendships before we part once again.
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