Conference Schedule 2017
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Saturday Opening Activities
7:30 am - 9:00 am
Registration ~ Vendor booths open. Coffee, tea and snacks available for purchase from local vendors.
9:00 am at Opening Circle in the Great Hall
Opening Remarks - Plant Allies ~ Charis Lindrooth
9:30 am: Morning Keynote Address
Susan’s Traveling Plant Allies ~ Susan Leopold i
Susan followed in her mentor’s footsteps Kat Harrison, founder of Botanical Dimensions, traveling to the Peruvian Amazon at 19 where she studies and lived at the Sachamama Ethnobotanical Garden outside of Iquitos, Peru. She then spent several months in the remote Talamanca Mountains of Costa Rica documenting the medicinal plants and healing modality of a Bribri Awa and later helping to establish an indigenous herbal healing center in the heart of the reservation. Susan is fascinated with understanding the cultural role of bioregional herbalism in how we look at our own health and that of the ecosystem in which we live. In this kick off morning keynote she will share stories of her plant allies she has met along her travels. In each of these encounters it is the plants have inspired her passion in conservation, from climbing the worlds tallest tropical tree in Borneo to finding a forest floor covered in Indian Pipes as far as they eye could see in Kentucky.
10:30 am: Break
Vendor booths open
10:45 am: Saturday Morning Classes Begin
Great Hall: Healthy Bones for a Lifetime; preventing/treating Osteoporosis and Osteoarthritis ~ Kate Gilday i
We know having healthy bones begins when we are young~ as we grow, so do our bones. Outdoor play and sports, proper nutrition and good sleep influence how our bones develop and strengthen. But was exercise and drinking milk enough? Have late nights, poor diet and sedentary lifestyle taken their toll on your bones? Today we will discuss healthy bone development at any age, including nutrition, genetic disposition, influence of estrogen, Ayurvedic understanding, herbal support, and prevention and treatment of Osteopenia, Osteoporosis and Osteo-arthritis. Whether you are a maiden, mother or post-menopausal woman, you can make a positive difference and support your beautiful bones! there’s more allergy and asthma now then ever been. why is our immune system over-reacting? what are ways to help quiet the system’s need defend against everything? we will take time discuss enough of understand physiology allergies. also spend discussing where how the plants we choose work to help quiet this process.
Elderflower Tent: Everything I Wish I Knew When I First Started Studying Herbalism ~ Mary Blue i
Come hear Mary's stories about everything she wished she knew as a budding herbalist! From confusing herbal terminology to business regulations to extreme herbal first aid fails and wins! Mary started her herbal path in1999 has accrued many hilarious stories and lessons along the way!
Rose Tent: The Art and Practice of Vaginal Steaming ~ Liz Henke i
Sharing story and herbs of The Art and Practice of Vaginal Steaming. Discover the physical benefits of including the practice of steaming in a self care routine, in addition to helping to provide mental and emotional wellbeing. Learn how to do a steam, what herbs to use for different purposes and how to address specific needs.
Lavender Tent: Herbs for Empowerment ~ Asia Suler i
An exploration of the greatest magic tool we’ve ever been handed— our own personal power. Learn about the nature of authentic power, how to hold healing boundaries, and potentize your purpose in this world. In this class we’ll connect to the herbal allies that help us to stand stronger, know ourselves deeper and tap into the deep well of our own personal power. We’ll also explore easy at-home preparations, ID tips and techniques, and meditative techniques and inner ritual. Initiate a new era of empowerment for yourself and your courageous heart.
Red Clover Tent: It's All about Connection ~ Kerry Smith i
All wellness in body, mind and spirit can be achieved through connection; connection to purpose, to our true Selves, to real food, to each other, to mother earth, to our breath, to plants and all living things. Inter-twining her studies of ayurveda, indigenous cultures, yoga philosophies, breath work and herbs, Kerry will take us on an exploration of some ancient and modern practices and life style adjustments to foster deep connection with one’s radiant soul.
12:15 - 1:45 pm: Lunch Break
Vendor booths open i
All vendors open for shopping! Time to walk, shop, relax, socialize. (Moms of Kids' Campers: Pick up kids promptly for the lunch hour.)
Fire Pit: Natural Dye Demo ~ Kira Frech
1:45 pm: Saturday Afternoon Classes Begin
Great Hall: The Importance of Natural Skin Care ~ Donna Bryant Winston i
Your skin is your body’s largest organ of absorption, assimilation & elimination. Proper skin care is essential to maintain the health and vitality of this protective organ. This class will discuss herbal treatments for common skin conditions such as dermatitis, excezma, psoriasis, skin infections, and wound healing. We will also discuss the ancient ritual of cleansing and conditioning the skin using herbs, flowers and common kitchen ingredients.
Elderflower Tent: Keeping Your Brain Brilliant ~ Charis Lindrooth, DC i
Preserving mental acuity is top on the list for most of us! Even when we are young we might notice signs of memory gaps, foggy thinking, depression, obsessive thinking - changes that can certainly affect our daily productivity. Whether you are young or old, there are steps you can take to keep your brain healthy, and even restore better function than before. Let’s take a look at what you can do now to prevent, slow down or even reverse cognitive issues.
Rose Tent: Holographic Herbalism ~ Suzanna Stone i
The plants are our greatest teachers. Building and deepening our relationship to the healing plants is a vital step on one’s path as an herbalist. In this workshop we’ll explore ways to engage in direct plant communication through observation, experiential exercises and plant spirit journeys. Leave your herbal books at home and find out what the plants have to tell you.
Lavender Tent: Pine Needle Basketmaking ~ Kate Gilday i
Women have been weaving containers and stories for time beyond time. Today we will begin to craft a basket of fragrant pine needles that you can work on and teach to others, continuing the tradition of crafting something of beauty and yourself. Each spiral basket is unique, especially as you weave in your dreams and prayers with the stitching, creating a treasure from the pines. Bring $5 materials fee.
Red Clover Tent: Energy Hygiene 101 ~ Jenn Frey i
Keeping our energy bodies clear and vibrant is crucial to our health and well-being, yet we often ignore our energy hygiene. We will discuss the importance of keeping our energy bodies vibrant and will learn about and experience simple ways to improve your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health including protection, smudging, limpias, and more.
3:15 pm: Break
Vendor booths open
3:30 pm: Saturday Mid-Afternoon Sessions Begin
Great Hall: Creating a Botanical Sanctuary ~ Susan Leopold i
United Plant Savers has a botanical sanctuary in Rutland Ohio, where we offer a certification program in Medicinal Plant Conservation as well as workshops on how to forest farm Appalachian forest botanicals. Not long after establishing the Sanctuary UpS launched the Botanical Sanctuary Network, we have over 100 sanctuaries in the network across the country. In this class you will learn about how to become a sanctuary and hear many inspiring stories of what women are doing at their sanctuaries to conserve medicinal plants and at the same time following their herbal dreams.
Elderflower Tent: Aphrodite's Apothecary: An intimate look at the aphrodisiac powers of plants and how to use them ~ Liz Henke i
Exploring and creating the erotic experience through the use of herbs. Learn how herbs can entice and enhance your pleasure and that of your lover with a hands on look at different aphrodisiac herbs, and how to use them to create just the right intimacy. This class will be taught through using our senses. Be prepared to taste, touch, feel, and smell your way to creating your own erotic world.
Rose Tent: Get Fired Up with Fire Cider ~ Mary Blue i
Fire Cider is a generic herbal term for a blend of herbs used to boost the immune system, strengthen respiratory health and stimulate circulation. FireCider has also been in the news alot lately! It is the center of a 3 year long trademark battle. Mary Blue will talk about how to make Fire Cider, it's therapeutic uses and her role as one of the "Fire Cider 3" and as an Traditions Not Trademark organizer.
Lavender Tent: Creating a Low Cost Natural Dispensary ~ Donna Bryant Winston i
In this class you will become familiar with the vast amount of remedies that are available in your kitchen to keep your family healthy. You will learn of the many food items and kitchen spices that have powerful medicinal properties. These qualities will be revealed as we use cinnamon, cacao, cayenne, garlic, ginger, lemon, thyme, sage, and rosemary to create exceptional kitchen medicine.
Red Clover Tent: Intuitive Plant Medicine ~ Asia Suler i
In this workshop we will work on opening and fine-tuning our intuitive healing abilities, both for personal growth and within a community herbalist setting. The class will include an overview of the history of intuitive plant healing— exploring shamanism, psychedelic ceremony, and the concept of plant devas as well as contemporary modalities such as homeopathy and flower essences. As a group we will make an on-site flower essence for each participant to take home (depending on how long the class is! Otherwise we can just go over the process) with them and walk through the process of attunement. This class is open to all. Bring paper and a pen, an open mind, and your passion for plants!
5:00 pm: Break
Vendor booths open
5:30 pm: Evening Keynote
Plant Allies and Back Yard Friends that Touch the Soul
Join Rosemary Gladstar for an evening of story telling, poetry, and song as she introduces us to her favorite plant allies and backyard weeds. Be prepared to join in and 'witness' for the plants.
Saturday Evening Activities
6:30 pm
Raffle Drawing and Talent Show ~ Moms of Kids' Campers: pick up kids to join us i
Raffle drawing winners will be announced. Have talent to share? Let us know!
6:45 pm
Celebratory Dinner ~ Pre-purchase meal tickets! All vendors open for shopping! i
Buffet-style dinner, including gluten free and vegan options.
7:30 pm
Wild Women's Fire Circle ~ Suzanna Stone i
Great Hall if weather is too uncomfortable for outdoor drumming. Otherwise, outdoor at fire pit.
Sunday Morning Classes
8:00 am
Secrets of the Garden ~ Plant meditation with Jen Frey i
Start the day with sacred plant meditation, tuning in to the magic of the plant world and opening your mind and spirit for the day’s classes. (Meet in the Great Hall if the morning temperature is too chilly.)
9:00-11:30 am in the Great Hall
Sharing the Secrets of Soap Making ~ Donna Bryan Winston i
Experience the art of making all natural vegetable based soaps in this delightfully fun, hands on workshop. We will discuss the history of soap and go through every step of the soap making process, sharing tips and techniques along the way. You will learn how to incorporate herbs, essential oils, and natural ingredients into your luxurious handmade soaps. We will make a goat’s milk soap in class. Supplies, handouts, recipes, and samples included.
9:00-11:30 am in the Elderflower Tent
The Erotic Beginnings of Herbalism and How the Plants that Started it all are Now "At Risk" ~ Susan Leopold i
Learn about the colorful & controversial characters of early American Herbalism and the native plants that inspired the herbal medical practices. Many of these plants are now ‘at risk’ and/or endangered. What are we doing about it? Join Susan Leopold, Executive Director of United Plant Savers, in this lively and timely discussion. Become a Plant Saver!
9:00-11:30 am in the Elderflower Tent
The Art of Fermentation ~ Suzanna Stone i
Current research continues to show the impact our microbiome has on our overall health and mental well being in addition to the immune building qualities we have long known. Fermentation is a traditional way of food preparation and transformation that not only preserves the harvest but also yields greater nourishment, a healthier digestive system, and thus increased vitality through the building and support of a healthy micro-biome. In this hands-on intensive, we’ll learn the foundations of making lacto-fermented foods and why they are such an important inclusion in the modern diet. We’ll enjoy a wide array of samples and you will leave with the skills and recipes to begin your fermentation journey at home.
11:30 am-12:30 pm: Sunday Brunch
... and Shopping!
12:30 am-2:00 pm: Sunday Afternoon Keynote
Great Hall: Back Yard Weeds & Kitchen Medicine with Rosemary Gladstar i
Join Rosemary on a virtual trip out the back door, across the meadow and into the woodlands learning about her favorite backyard medicine and food. Follow in her footsteps as she guides you through this stunning visual display, sharing her favorite stories about each plant, important facts, and medicinal and edible information.
2:15 am-2:30 pm: Closing Circle
Outside, weather permitting. All join hands to honor our friendships before we part once again.
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